10 Voice Acting Tips for Starters

Voice acting tips
voice acting tips

As opposed to popular opinion, a voice actor is not the same as an actor. It is quite possible that a voice actor was previously an actor who appeared on the screen. A lot of actors usually decide to go into voice acting while still pursuing their acting character.

Voice acting offers a change in career scene and also provides a fun and interesting environment. This is one of the reasons a lot of actors pursue it along with their acting careers, and also it can be very rewarding. Some voice acting jobs can provide a chance to earn a great income.

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Like in any other industry and the acting industry, becoming a voice over actor will require you starting from the bottom of the ladder. So we compiled a number of voice acting tips to get you started.

List of Voice Acting Tips

There are a lot of voice actors with different skill level from the beginner level to the advanced level. This list contains tips for various voice actors, and the different skill levels have been considered in compiling this list. The tips listed here can be applied by voice actors of various levels, and it ranges from exercises for voice acting to acceptable practices in the studio.

1.  Discovering your acting voice is important. You should try reading through a paragraph while taking a recording. Once you are done, you should listen to it and look for areas where you need improvement. You can also get a direction for your career from a recording of your voice. You can identify if it will be better for acting or for narrating.

2.  Working on your pitch is also important to provide different options when it comes to selecting a voice for a character. You also need to learn how to control you breathing and also altering the volume of your voice at different points.

3.  Developing your speech is very essential. You should be audible when speaking and your enunciation should be clear. A lot of different people will listen to you speak so you need to pass your message across as clearly as you can.

4.  Take voice and voice over classes

The best way to get better in voice acting is through actual practice. You may also develop yourself by using books and materials on voice acting.

To train yourself in voice over acting, enrolling for online courses can be an effective method since it still offers you the opportunity to perform voice exercises. You can also choose to attend voice over classes if there is one close by.  Voice acting classes are much easier to use online than in regular acting since regular acting requires you to act.

You should also improve your skills by learning voice control, proper breathing and warm ups through general voice lesson classes.

Singing lessons can also be beneficial to your career.

5.  Become a part of the voice acting community

Meeting with other voice actors and making friends with them can provide an opportunity to expand your views on the voice over acting industry.

For a larger part of your career, you will need to work on your own either in the project studio or your home studio, and this may start to get to you. Joining a community of voice over actors will give you the opportunity to communicate with different people in the same career.

You can find these communities by checking online for any reliable information.

6.  Keeping yourself in shape is very important. Perform warm up exercises to activate your muscles. Warm up exercises is important for voice actors of all skill level. Humming, rolling your lips and working on your breathing is essential.

7.  When you are given a script for the first time, you should do your initial read audibly so you can get used to the different words and also improve your voice. Before the recording session, you should also know the material properly through continuous practice.

8.  Always try and practice to hone your voice acting skill. Improve your voice techniques and ensure it is always in good condition. Drink a lot of water and always remember your warm up routines. This will ensure your voice remains in the best condition at all times.

9.  Try to use your body when performing your action. Show the different emotions of your character and also move your body. This will provide a realistic effect on your voice.

10.  Creating a good demo requires a bit of investment. If you do not want to waste this investment, you should not hurry to make a demo. Ensure your skills are properly developed before you make one. If you wish to hear yourself speak simply make a personal recording and play it to yourself.

So, this was our list of voice acting tips. Hopefully you found them useful and they will help you on your way to a new and exciting career.

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