Voice Acting For Starters

Voice Acting For Starters

Lots of people willing to go into voice acting keep asking, how do I begin? Below are guidelines to assist you in this great adventure:

Begin With Your Voice

Have you ever been told that your voice is great? If so, this may be the opportunity to utilize it professionally. You can use it as an announcer, singer or voice over talent. For a trained voice, announcement or voice-over may be a very money making enterprise.

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Whether your voice is low, flat, gravelly or average, you will fit in somewhere in the commercial world. So it’s not always about the voice only, it’s about your determination.

Begin by exploring your real self not just your voice. You can achieve this by going for an improvisation class at college/community center or taking part in acting. Do this for three months, and you will definitely meet other talents.

Get Inspiration

Find someone to look up to that will be a source of inspiration to you. Begin by knowing your voice first. Do that by recording yourself and evaluate the way your voice sounds. Try some voice mimicry to manipulate your voice. As a beginner, try anything from anime to cartoons to find your media.

3 Months of Acting/Improvisation

Why do you need acting classes? This is because you need to learn the basics of creating the characters that “speak” in a commercial. An animation class alone will not be sufficient. You may need to begin the process organically. It’s not yet about the voice but the intention first because that’s what will help through.

After exploring yourself for three months through an acting class, you can then move into the specifics with a voiceover class.

Voiceover class

Getting a voice over class shouldn’t be difficult. You can do a search for voice over class in your city through Google.

Although, you can get classes at performing arts centers and local universities. Try to get recommendations on them. You may then register and attend the best! Try as much as possible to avoid classes that will require you to pay $1000 for a demo reel.

One of the things a voice-over coach will help you with is to locate your “signature voice.” A signature voice is a sweet spot where one’s voice sounds the best. He will also assist you to build the style for the different niche markets that your voice fits.

A voice coach can as well demystify the recording equipment you require as a voice-over artist with assistance in preparing your first voice-over demo. Your demo will serve three purposes which include being your calling card, resume, and your comp card. It is crucial, and so it must be handled professionally.

Getting Your Range and Niche

After understanding your voice and its capacity. You sure need to find your range as well as your niche in the market.

You can gain a sense of direction by understanding all that you are capable of. If you are the GenX hamburger guy, the classy BMW voice or the Don Pardo game show host, you can do much more.

Let your coach assess your normal speaking voice. Is it the “everyman” voice, “hip, edgy” voice, or the “natural announcer” voice? Anyone that comes naturally is your strength. Work more on it. Whatever you and your coach agree on may eventually be your selling point.

You can go further than that. Stretch your voice. Try character voices as well as accents. Whatever you can try with your voice may be called for one day in the market place.

Below are the major areas you can get work:

  • Radio or Television commercials
  • Cartoons
  • Promos or trailers
  • Web audio
  • Business narration
  • IVR/voice mail greetings

Change your voice

This is a step that can make or mar your career. You may sit up or stand straight, take some deep breaths, sip water, and ruminate on the voice.

The most appropriate way to make a voice is to ruminate about the voice as you use it. Engage your voice at different sound levels and how you like it to sound. Practice is the only way to get you to where you want.

Engage yourself in breathing, volume control, and emotion as well as learning to sustain the voice. You don’t have to be disturbed about losing your original voice by voice acting a lot because it won’t happen.

Create your demo

One of the great favor you can ever do for yourself is to go for some voice over classes and then do a professional demo. You want to be well accorded; you need to be professional at all times. Your demo must be classic showing style and expertise.

It is quite essential to have some varieties in your voice demo.  This will make your agent bid you for diverse projects. Be reminded that clients are seeking to see some characters in your voice! We have various voice over actors such as Announcers, Cartoons, Story teller, Narrator, Sportscasters, etc.

One of the best ways to get your services known is to present your voice over demo to an agent as well as self-marketing.  You may as well post some of your voice demos on You tube!

Take advantage of those no pay or low pay jobs to gain some experience and confidence in the industry! Be persistent and never give up because quitters never win.

What do I need to market myself?

Develop a three phased marketing plan. After your training with your established business (home studio included!) as well as your demos to promote, you are now prepared and equipped to join a marketplace such as Voices.com.

You may also create your website or forward your demos to voice talent agencies. You can amass a great wealth of experience when at the beginning by forwarding your demos to local businesses. You may offer to record their telephone prompts.

You can as well forward your demos to some local advertising agencies and get them informed that you offer professional voice-over recordings which their clients’ television and radio commercials or explainer videos needs.

Bonus Tip for Voice Acting for starters

As easy as voice acting may seem, there are a lot of tips you need to learn about to become successful in it. Basic practice routines are not enough to get you where you need to be but will put you on the right track.

You should also know that a good voice acting session also depends on the use of a high-quality microphone. To obtain more knowledge on this area, you should consider getting the VoGenesis.

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