Voice Acting Auditions – Tips for a Successful Audition

Voice Acting Auditions – Tips for a Successful Audition

Voice acting is much more than simply switching one a microphone and talking. To allow yourself the potential of having a successful voice over career, you must ensure you keep a few things in mind. Listed below are some great tips you can apply to all your voice acting auditions.

#1: Be confident

Having no confidence is a recipe for problems in most situations, particularly voice acting auditions. Own every word you say and speak the sentences with confidence. Just like an athlete who wants to do a karate chop, showing any doubt during the strike will result in an injured hand, instead of breaking through the block. Likewise, voiceovers that are delivered without any confidence usually sound unprofessional and weird.

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The key for speaking any phrases with confidence according to this great training course, VoGenesis, is basically to mean each word you speak. You must believe whatever you are talking about. Whenever you talk with enthusiasm, the audience can notice the difference. It is quite subtle, but it truly resonates with the script and makes your speech much more convincing and believable.

#2: Be Humble

While confidence is important, of equal importance is being humble. To improve your voice acting auditions, try surrounding yourself with experts in your field. You will learn plenty of lessons and tricks that you did not know and enhance your ability to speak and earn more money. Signing up for VoGenesis is a wonderful place to start networking and improve your skills.

It is always helpful to listen to people who are more advanced and have more experience in this voice acting field. That is why the VOGenesis program is very beneficial as it will give you the best training resources you need as well as access to the top sites where you can get high-paying jobs. Provided you are humble and willing to learn, you can immensely gain from this latest online job opportunity that you can capitalize on at home.

#3: Always Speak Clearly

One of the crucial parts of a successful voice over career is having the ability to speak clearly. Regardless how fast you should talk to cover all the words within the required timeframe, clarity is very important. Each word must be heard well by the audience, thus, having any muddled phrases could limit that.

The solution is to keep practicing with correct enunciation and pronunciation. Even though it may feel somewhat overdramatic at first to speak like that, but it will sound clearly on recordings. This is particularly more essential when you are speaking over background music.

#4: Take Care of Your Voice

Unlike a pianist, drummer or guitarist, when you are pursuing a voiceover career, your voice is your important money-making instrument. Professional musicians are generally known for taking obsessive care of their instruments, including cleaning, repairs and storage as well. When it comes to your voice, you need to handle it in the same manner to maintain it in order to preserve it in its optimal condition.

The following tips should help you take good care of your voice:

  • Use the right breathing patterns, which is through your diaphragm, rather than your chest, in order to avoid straining your vocal chords
  • Stay hydrated all day long by drinking water after every meal and also sipping from your water bottle every so often
  • Stay away from places that require you to shout in order to be clearly heard
  • Get enough sleep every night since a well-rested body produces better quality sound than a person who is exhausted and has not slept well
  • Avoid whispering as it also affects your voice

#5: Warm Up

When you are speaking you basically use the inner larynx muscles and vocal cords. It is crucial to treat these parts kindly as they are very delicate and have a great effect on the sound output. You need to relax and stretch these muscles before you talk just the same way you would normally warm up every time before lifting weights or jogging.

Warming up helps to loosen those important muscles and get rid of excess mucous. Most importantly, it reduces the chances of injury, especially since if you lose your voice it will considerably affect your ability to make money. The ideal warm up involves gentle vocal exercises that release tension in your neck and throat while placing minimal pressure on surrounding muscles. Lip trills and humming are two excellent warm up exercises.

#6: Training and Practice

It takes lots of training and practice to confidently cultivate the skill of speaking clearly without making mistakes. Getting the right training is especially crucial as it gives you the right foundation you need in your career. Ensure you sign up for the VOGenesis system at http://vogenesis.com/go/indexwritten.php to learn all the essential voiceover skills you need.

The importance of practicing regularly is the fact that it will help you develop a nice rhythm in which your speaking skills become flawless. It will save you time when recording each voiceover as there will be less repetitions, which means more jobs and you get to reap all the rewards that come with mastering your line of work.

#7: Always Stay Calm

This last tip may just be one of the most crucial ones for ensuring a great voice acting audition. The reason is because many beginners do not have so many opportunities when starting out. Suddenly, your ability to earn money is at the mercy of a few seconds, which makes you very tense and anxious.

You must stay calm and relax. Actually, you should smile when talking as your confidence and enthusiasm can be heard through the microphone. Be confident that you have trained using the finest program on the internet and that you have gained the best voiceover skills.


These have been some of the main tips to assist you have an easier time during your voice acting auditions. Even if you think you have the perfect voice for doing voiceover jobs, you still need the right training and resources to make it. For more in depth information on how you can earn money just from using your voice, check out VoGenesis today. Additionally, even though the voiceover sector is very competitive, there are many jobs available for everyone.

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