How to Hire Voice Actors

How to Hire Voice Actors

Hiring the right voice actor for a project can be challenging, particularly if it is your first time. This is because the voice you finally choose will be an important connecter between you and your audience. Good voice quality will add emotion and help deliver your message effectively. Here is a guideline on how to hire voice actors courtesy of  VoGenesis

Here are some of the benefits that you get from choosing an expert voice talent:

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  • Experience with various kinds of copy
  • Has a professional set up and delivers great quality audio
  • Industry knowledge and understands what is required for great voiceover
  • Well trained by an innovative program like VoGenesis
  • Readily available with a quick turnaround
  • Commitment to say aware of the latest trends within the industry
  • A professional values your brand and adds credibility to the message

Determine the Required Voice Profile

Figuring out the best voice profile will heavily depend on the targeted audience. For instance, if the script was being targeted towards you, would you prefer a male or female voice? Can you visualize a specific accent and tone for delivering the message? Some markets excel with female voices, such as beauty products, while others are best suited for male voices.

If you are still uncertain about the voice you want, consider running a survey to discover what your clients think about your brand and how it sounds like. Your company must sound the way in which your clients perceive you in order to instantly create a positive connection. Write down all those preferred voice qualities and this will allow you to get more qualified responses from potential voice actors.

Writing a Script

There are many online resources that you can use to get some ideas for your script. Actually, you can even listen to some television adverts or radio commercials to find inspiration for your project. Once you get a general feel for what kind of script you want, you can move on to customizing the content to fit your needs.

It is advisable to spell out words and numbers to minimize confusion in figuring out the meaning. Although you may clearly understand the meaning since you are the one who is writing the script, the same information must be clear to everyone else who reads the script. This will allow you to get more fitting proposals from voice actors.

Budgeting for your Voiceover Work

Every voiceover recording is usually an important call-to-action message, whether it is used for customer retention, education or sales purposes. The voice actor you choose will essentially work as your salesperson by promoting your service or product and helping to grow your brand. Your clients will likely build a relationship with your brand based on how your unique voice relates with your offerings.

When creating a budget for hiring voice actors, remember that the cost will not just be limited to the actual performance. Other important factors include production costs, audience size, how you plan on using the audio and also whether the recording will be used permanently. Additionally, also consider the extensive amount of time required to create a well edited audio file and add that to your costs.

Presenting your Job

When it comes to posting your job on any of the numerous voiceover sites, you probably want to get responses from the best and brightest talents in the industry to be your brand ambassador. The two vital things that immediately create the right tone for your description are the details included as well as the selected budget range.

If you fail to give enough details, most professional will avoid your job since your post is too unclear. Likewise, if you set a very low budget, then you have eliminated many experts who could help your company get to the next level. Thus, make sure you check these two items and you will find a great balance for presenting your job to a wider field of potential voice talents.

Ideal Voice Actor Qualities

When you want to hire a voiceover talent for your business, you must look for the same things you would normally consider when hiring any other freelance professional. This includes things like professionalism, skill sets, turnaround time, commitment to the job and also pricing.

Irrespective of how big or small your business is you need a voice actor that will represent your company confidently. In most cases, a voiceover is the first thing your prospective clients hear when learning information about your brand. As a result, ensure that the voice actor you hire clearly understands your unique needs and can also embody those qualities in their recordings.

Find a professional who is very passionate about the specifics of your project and is eager to do the best job. A voice actor that expresses deeper interest in understanding your product or service is likely to produce a better performance and also develop a long lasting relationship far beyond the current project.

Once you receive the final audio file submission, listen carefully to how the voice actor performed. If you want any reasonable corrections made, then make sure to communicate with your voiceover actor in good time. Likewise, you must also pay on time. The best thing about voice actors is that they build their work portfolio based on having a good reputation and thus will always want to ensure their clients are happy.


A voiceover is a very effective tool for expressing messages, especially when it comes to evoking personal emotional responses in the audience. The professional you select for your specific project will likely be part of the first impressions to your brand. Getting quality voice talent is going to bring credibility to your message as well as resonate better with your target audience.

If you are looking to hire voice actors, then the above information will give you a good foundation. Be sure to go to VoGenesis to get more tips on finding the best talent, especially if you are an aspiring voice actor looking for training and work.

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