How to Get Voice Acting Agents

How to Get Voice Acting Agents

Voice acting agents do an important job of promoting their voice talents to prospective clients and also finding them auditions. While agency representation does not always guarantee that you will get work, they have solid connections with big advertising organizations and studios that provide them with exclusive job opportunities. So, all voiceover professionals must definitely consider getting agency representation and the following information is how you should go about it.

The ideal time to look for a voice acting agent is after you have taken some extensive training like VoGenesis. Additionally, you should have produced a creative demo that showcases your skills. An agent will also be more inclined to sign you up once you have already landed a couple of voice acting jobs first.

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As agents are quite selective regarding their choice of clients to represent, which means getting representation will take a bit of time.

However, you should not let that fact discourage you. Provided you are well prepared and you do extensive research on which agents are currently accepting new talent, then you can find a good march. After doing some evaluation, set up meetings with a couple different agencies.

How to Deal with Voice Acting Agents

Once you final get an interview at your preferred agency, there are quite a few things to consider going into that first meeting. A point to note is that you are also interviewing your agent just as he or she is interviewing you for representation. This means if you discover that the agent does not represent your values or interests, then do not sign.

Ask for references and testimonials to see how well other talents are doing under the same agency. Are the other talents happy with the services offered? Are they getting adequate exposure and growing their careers?

Nevertheless, if you are still dissatisfied with the agent, then you must move on. Aim to hire an agent that you are comfortable with, offers a reasonable contract and who is enthusiastic about working with you and seeing you succeed.

A good agent must never request any kind of upfront fees. A few will try upselling you on other related services like acting lessons or headshots from experienced photographers among others. If your agent arranges these extra features at your expense, they will normally inflate the cost and charge you a commission or finder’s fee. Avoid this trap by arranging for such things in your own time.

If you do manage to get an offer, then you must understand what exactly the contract demands before signing. Otherwise, you may be literally giving most of the great freedoms of being a freelance voiceover talent. As contracts also contain lots of legal terms that you may not be aware of, ensure you ask for clarification for any questions.

The agent can request for complete exclusivity, which means they do not want you taking work from other sources unless they have arranged the job for you. While this clause can be beneficial if the agent guarantee plenty of work within your local area, it should not extend to the internet market.

Actually, if you check out VoGenesis you will see that there are many high paying voice acting jobs on the internet. Thus, you should not tie yourself down and limit yourself to only work from your agent.

In many instances, the contract terms will be presented as absolutes, but you must rectify that and ask for terms that are open for further negotiation. As mentioned above, voiceover work from multiple online sources and websites can originate from any part of the world. Thus, you must retain the right of taking direct voice acting work from other clients online.

How a Voice Acting Agent Works

A voice acting agent is part manager and part marketer. He or she looks for opportunities for you and books audition besides being a good negotiator. An agent is also in touch with major casting agencies and studios, which helps keep them up to date, sometimes exclusively, regarding certain upcoming audition.

The agent works as a link between the client and the talent. They submit demos of their talents to fill the most suitable roles.

Once they get you an opportunity to audition, you will be contacted to check your availability and whether you are interested in the position. You will then get the script and other necessary information about the audition, like location, time and date.

Negotiating the employment terms and collecting overdue payments are arrears where agents really excel at doing. Their ability to negotiate well and represent your interests helps in validating their commission-based earnings. In most cases, the commission is earned for each job they help you land.

After completing a voice acting job successfully, the payment usually goes directly to your agent. The commission is then deducted and you are given the remaining money. This means the profits of your agent are tied to your ability to get high paying work, which is a big incentive that keeps agents working hard.

Agencies must stay updated on current trends and keep getting new voices in line with the constantly changing requirements of the voice acting industry. This means they are usually looking for new voices to add to their team as this will help them remain viable and competitive.

Since agents represent a large pool of talent most of the time, you must stay relevant by communicating regularly with your acting agent.

Consider checking in after every few weeks to ask about any auditions, but also be respectful of their time and effort. Always ask for such information in a professional and courteous manner. If you develop a good business relationship with them, they will likely give you more opportunities.


While voice acting agents play very important roles in your career, you can still earn lots of money without an agent. If you have the right training and links to high paying online jobs, then you do not really need an agent.

Actually, you will find there are more opportunities online than within your local area. Here is some proof you can check out in the following link

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