How to get into Voice Acting and start a new Career

How to Get Into Voice Acting

Voice acting is a career that involves providing the voice to be used for doing voiceovers for radio and television commercials, narrating documentaries and also animated movies.

This career requires improving your skills and undertaking numerous auditions to get your sound heard. With knowledge, perseverance and hard work, you can become a well-paid voice actor. Below is a detailed guide on how to get into voice acting.

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Trying out voice acting may seem scary at first and it will also involve a bit of learning and training. Nevertheless, it must be something fun that you enjoy doing.

Actually, enjoyment and fulfillment are the best reasons to start voice acting and probably even better reasons for you to keep on doing it. If you approach this career with the right open mindset, then you will have fun and also make money without any hassle.

Can Anyone Become a Voice Actor?

While voice acting certainly demands a good understanding of specific learnable skills, as explained here, it is also a form of art.

Your success will depend on your natural talent and also your strong drive to create and perform for others. Additionally, you need confidence and the ability to hold the interest of your audience with whatever you create.

Besides having talent, voice acting also demands a certain type of temperament and personality. You need to understand that sometimes you are going to be rejected and be willing to learn and change from those situations.

While you cannot really learn talent, it is something that can be easily revealed, polished, cultivated and strengthened with the right training. You will not know if voice acting is for you until you give it a try.

Get some training

Workshops and classes are an excellent method of learning within a supportive setting to figure out whether voice acting may be a suitable career. A program like VoGenesis promises quite remarkable results for beginners looking to get into voice acting. Training helps you learn better from the missteps and successes of other more experienced people.

How to Use your Voice Effectively

While many people have great voices and can imitate several accents, not all of them can succeed as voiceover artists. The most challenging part of voiceover acting is the fact that you need to express all the emotions through your voice. This is completely different from regular acting jobs where you have your body, props or even other actors that help you communicate better.

Getting training helps you learn how to effectively use your voice to deliver different kinds of emotions. It gives you the best foundation and ensures an easier time when you start working as you will get minimal revision requests.

After understanding your voice, you now need to spend some time learning the skills needed to better control it and improve your sound.

This includes everything from vocal warm ups and intonation to proper breathing techniques and pitch among others. The only way you can learn these skills is through taking a comprehensive professional course like VoGenesis .

How to Properly Record Yourself

When starting up many freelancers usually shy away from investing in a well-designed home studio. However, having a professional studio is a necessity if you are looking to become a top earner within the voiceover industry. While you can still start without a studio, your aim should be to build a good home studio once you have settled down in your job.

Having a basic voice studio basically involves having a professionally built room that has been acoustically fitted, sound-proofed and has the recording equipment built inside the booth.

When it comes to creating a studio, there are multiple ways you can go about it and the choice you make will largely depend on your budget and the kind of products you want. Nevertheless, once your studio is ready, refer to the training and learn how to properly record and edit your voice for best results.

Tips for Promoting Your Work

Beginners in the highly competitive voice acting industry will need lots of determination and commitment in order to get good jobs. Even though there are numerous jobs in this industry, you need to work hard to get the high paying ones.

Luckily, if you want to avoid this steep competition, you can check out programs like VoGenesis  that provide access to well-paying opportunities.

You should seek to build your own personal brand after experimenting with your studio equipment and creating demos. Ideally, you should start building a profile across most of the major social networking websites and even consider building your own website where clients can contact you directly.

Additionally, it is much more productive to aim at one specific sector rather than just going for everything. This involves learning how to do proper research and applying effective digital marketing strategies.

Tips for Auditioning

Auditioning for a job is very exciting as it is likely the last step before you get hired. However, this is also very important, so you must be well prepared to succeed and get hired. Consider the following easy tips for auditioning:

  • Practice and warm up before the audition
  • Make sure you understand the script and what the client wants
  • Decide on the pace and tone needed for the script
  • Always keep your delivery simple and clear

Even with all these preparation tips, you will likely have a few odd auditions where you make some mistakes. Always learn from those mistakes and slowly build your skills and you will be auditioning professionally in no time.


The information described above is meant to help you learn how to get into voice acting. You must work, learn and practice like you would in any other profession. Start with the recording equipment you currently own and gradually build up to a professional studio.

Remember that there is always a demand for each type of voice available. So, seek to find clients who are looking for your voice and build a constant workflow. An excellent resource for anyone interested in earning money through voice acting is VoGenesis .

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