Cartoon Voice over Jobs

Cartoon Voice over Jobs

In the voice over industry, an exciting job area which requires a high level of professionalism are the cartoon voice over jobs.

To be considered a successful, professional cartoon voice over actor, it needs a lot of practice and voice over training. This may not be what you imagine after listening to a professional actor perform a voice over with ease.

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For the audience to enjoy these cartoons as much as they do, a lot of work is done. Voice actors put in a lot of time and effort into all cartoon shows making them invaluable in their production.

Cartoon voice over jobs offers a broad range from which you can choose a job which is the major difference it has when compared to anime voice over jobs.

Cartoon Voice over Jobs – Developing The Skills

To become a competitive voice over it is important to be able to portray a lot of various characters using different voices. This is an important skill because you may need to perform voice overs for several characters in a cartoon even if you were initially hired for a single character. It is important you can adjust when needed. Your ability to adapt to different situations is an asset in cartoon voice over especially when applying for jobs.

Learning to speak using a different pitch can help increase your vocal range. The vocal range is important if you wish to create voices for various characters.

By changing the pitch of which you are speaking in, you can provide a unique voice which you can use for another character.

Consistency in a voice is more important than just having a wide vocal range. You should be able to provide the same voice for a character all through a performance.

You should also be proficient at lip synching. Having a library of sounds is also a requirement for some voice over jobs. A characters cry, reaction noises, and laugh is included in the library and is important since it will be used at different times during the project.

How to Get Into Cartoon Voice over Jobs

Without proper development of your skills and an attractive portfolio, getting a voice over job with a studio such as Pixar may prove to be more difficult than it is.

Your voice is a tool and to maximize its use in acting, and you should consider signing up for a professional voice over class.

Within the period you are enrolled, you are taught various aspects of voice over acting performances. Taking a voice over class can be done through online resources or registering in an acting school close to you.

You also need to develop a cartoon voice which you like, and this can be achieved by trying different voices on your own. By constantly repeating the voice while reading, you can master it and reproduce it anytime you need to.

Having different voices can offer you more opportunities and a director will be sure to pick you if he discovers you can easily reproduce the same voice during a performance.

Having a recording of about 30 seconds or 1 minute of your cartoon voice is a great idea. It is important you record as many different voices as you are capable of producing.

This would become your demo, and it is important you make it good. You can visit an expert recording studio to make your demo for better job opportunities.

Getting a voice over job requires active effort on your part. There are lots of ways to get one. The most popular is through voice over job postings. This can be found online on casting call boards. You may get some for free while others will require you become a member.

Your demo is important when finding a job so when you find one you think you will be able to work with, send in your demo so the cast over director can listen in on it. You may be called to prove your skill by reading through an audition script even after you submit your demo so be prepared.

Building up an attractive portfolio may take time. It usually involves getting new jobs to do, and this can also help in developing your experience as a voice actor. You get to improve your skills as you perform more frequently.

You can start reaching out to different animators that you are interested in for voice over jobs. Watching YouTube videos made by an animator can determine if you would enjoy working with such animator. You can then reach out.

Also, there are usually voice over jobs on the Frederator network. With a lot of works being produced by different animators, you are likely to find an opening which you can audition for.

Another vital area you need to look into and understand is how you get paid for any voice over job you are performing. Some jobs will have you recording multiple episodes in one session. Jobs like this may be a cartoon series project.

While cartoon projects give the opportunity to get yourself involved in different interesting voice over jobs, you should have a clear idea of how you will be paid before you jump into any project.

Bonus Tip for Getting a Cartoon Voice Acting job

What you need to know to get good cartoon voice acting jobs is a lot of information, and not all can be summarized in this article.

You need different forms of development and practice such as the use of a high-quality microphone. If you wish to develop your voice in the best way possible, you can find all the required information by obtaining and using the VoGenesis.

VoGenesis gives you an in-depth knowledge of how to make yourself a proper income from cartoon voice acting either as an addition to your main career or if you are going into cartoon voice acting full time. You will be getting paid properly for a job you enjoy being a part of.


Information you can obtain through the VOGenesis guide include;

  • Places to get lots of jobs without too much competition
  • Best websites to get the top pay for cartoon voice acting jobs

This guide provides a lot of opportunities for vocal artists and does not require you to possess any previous training and connection. Even if you have little or no confidence in your voice, this guide can be a great help.

You learn how to find a comfortable place from which you can constantly improve yourself and get jobs which offer better pay.

Other benefits you get from the guide include

  • Information on setting up a home studio at a low cost
  • Giving yourself an edge over other voice over actors
  • Starting up quickly
  • Improving your profile and growing your income by teaching you how to become a sought after professional voice over actor guide also gives an insight into one of the fast growing with a lot of opportunities to tap into.

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